Valevu was founded by women who believe in team-work, in the dynamism of Italian design and materials, and in the tradition of craftsmanship.
The concept was born in 2014, and the youthful experience of designer-and-pattern-maker Valentina resulted in an initial collection of pieces that met with widespread approval and encouragement.
Thanks a commitment to fashion, style and creativity, and to the belif that small steps, humility and persistence will in the end yield results, here is the Valevu line


Handmade and made in Italy

A sober, essentialist linearity married to quintessentially Italian artisanship.
These handbags are hand-cut, sewn, and put together by expert Italian craftsmen, who lavish painstaking attention on every single aspect of production. This is the reason that each handbag is distinctive and one-of-a-kind in every detail, its uniqueness certified by the individual model number specified on its label.


Valevu handbags spring from a belief that there is no contradiction between tradition and innovation and that there can be no truly modern artisanal product that does not pay homage to our rich cultural past. Materials that have always represented the Tuscan artisanal tradition, such as carefully-selected fabrics and leathers, are expertly matched with contemporary materials created from an interweaving of cotton and PVC threads, fruit of the most up-to-date weaving technology.


Young and forward-looking, designer Valentina fashions her collections by adhering to the concept of “LESS IS MORE,” drawing inspiration from her training in architecture, and from poetry, such as the works of L. M. Van Der Rohe.
Hers is a creative process that constantly strives for simplicity.