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Italian Handmade Bags in Leather and Fabric

Valevu bags for modern women with dynamic lifestyles. Entirely handmade in Italy, our handbags are defined by contemporary design, painstaking attention to detail and close attention to the latest trends.

Our creations bring together the traditional techniques of Tuscan craftsmen, top quality Italian leather and pioneering technical fabrics. Weaving together cotton and PVC fibers creates fabrics that are light, resistant, waterproof and crease-free.

Valevu handbags are inspired by the belief that tradition and innovation are part of the same continuum and that truly modern products build on the richness of the past.

Our styles combine functional, geometric shapes with minimalist, original and sophisticated design.

All our products are cut, sewn and assembled with the attention to detail synonymous with Italian craftsmanship. Each handbag is a unique one-off piece as testified by the model number specified on its label.